Struct jit::ReadElf [] [src]

pub struct ReadElf {
    // some fields omitted

An ELF binary reader


impl ReadElf

fn new(filename: &str) -> Result<ReadElf, ReadElfError>

Open a new ELF binary

fn get_name(&self) -> &str

Get the name of this ELF binary

fn add_to_context(&self, ctx: &Context)

unsafe fn get_symbol<T>(&self, symbol: &str) -> &mut T

Get a symbol in the ELF binary

fn needed(&self) -> Needed

Iterate over the needed libraries

Trait Implementations

impl From<jit_readelf_t> for ReadElf

fn from(ptr: jit_readelf_t) -> ReadElf

impl Drop for ReadElf

fn drop(&mut self)