Struct jit::WriteElf [] [src]

pub struct WriteElf {
    // some fields omitted

An ELF binary reader


impl WriteElf

fn new(lib_name: &str) -> WriteElf

Create a new ELF binary reader

fn write(&self, filename: &str) -> bool

Write to the filename given (not implemented by LibJIT yet, so there's no point to this yet but I'm sure GNU will hear the people sing the songs of angry men soon enough)

fn add_function(&self, func: &CompiledFunction, name: &str) -> bool

Add a function to the ELF

fn add_needed(&self, lib_name: &str) -> bool

Add a dependency to the ELF

Trait Implementations

impl From<jit_writeelf_t> for WriteElf

fn from(ptr: jit_writeelf_t) -> WriteElf

impl Drop for WriteElf

fn drop(&mut self)